Thursday, April 29, 2010

A well-cultured home

I love to see how different types of design are all linked together and can influence each other.  I was inspired by a certain feature in the March issue of Vogue.  I know this is outdated but I just had to show you the images and talk about this couple who custom designed their extraordinary house in London.

Christopher Sharp grew up in Africa and Suzanne in an exotic Mediterranean island.  They met in London and honeymooned in Inda.  Shortly after they were married they ended up in Saudi Arabia for a tv and commercial job for Christopher.  They bought tons of rugs in the open-air markets there having nothing else to do in the evenings and acquired a very extensive collection. They started to sell some of the pieces of their collection after moving back to London and developed quite a following.  They started to purchase them from the markets in Turkey as well. Their shop in London became well known, but they were still new to the area and wanted to get to know the interior designers in the city. They asked some of the big names to design a rug for them and sourced a workshop to produce the designs.  They now have a very successful rug store in London. You can see their impeccable taste shine through in their house.

They developed their taste from the colors, prints, people they had seen in their travels and all of the different cultural influences.  I love how they own a rug shop but every aspect of their house is unique, different, and one of a kind.  If you have greate taste in one thing or are creatively talented in a certain area, you can let it influence all aspects of your life.

Who would have thought to put a rug like that in a bathroom?! It works!

Organized  chaos, love it!

Not sure what I think about the pictures on the ground...
Notice the stack of logs in the corner, Genius!

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