Thursday, April 8, 2010

Denim on Denim...over my dead body

What is this denim on denim trend?  I honestly can't think of anything more repulsive.  Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna, and even Balmain have had this awful look on the runway.  The disease has come full circle to mainstream fashion as well.  Have you seen Gap's ad yet...I believe their slogan is something like meant for each other or born to be together...hmmm No! that is definitely a love affair that needs to end badly.  Take a look at these matter how pretty the model is or how you style it, this fad crashed and burned...or hopefully will soon!

Some of the key pieces of this look that I hate the most are the all to perfectly "patched" denim jeans...who thought it was a good idea to make an effect which is supposed to look worn out and unfinished perfectly square and tidy...if you are trying to be different and outside of the box, just come up with a new idea...don't ruin someone else's.  I'm a fan of the patch in some circumstances but this was not well executed. 

I also hate the denim on denim that is the exact same or very close to the shade of its accompanying piece.  If you absolutely must try out this trend, seek out inspiration in the following images.  My friend, Elish mentioned that maybe they are just trying to communicate to the customer that denim is back.  Maybe...but they are laying on the idea of this particular way to wear it pretty thick if so.  If it were me, I would rather show the customer the correct way to rock their denim finds for Spring!

I actually like this look by Balmain.  It looks very fresh and unique, and you don't think denim on denim when you see it.  There is enough contrast in both color and texture.  

Here again, the level of contrast helps out this look.  She pulls off the trend in a subtle way.  Her ensemble doesn't scream denim on denim.  I love blue on blue and this pairing actually looks more like a blue button up with a pair of jeans. Although, I would have chosen a different pair of jeans, her concept works.  

My favorite Denim elements to work with!

The boyfriend jean.  I love it if you do the entire boyfriend look with an over sized button up and loafers of some sort.  Or, pair it with wedges and a sexy racer back tank.  Embellish with a necklace and wear your hair messy and wavy, 
The denim vest! I like how Sienna did it hear with a plain white tank and floral skirt.  Another great way to wear it is with a simple lightweight flowy summer dress and either boots or wedges.  add some bangles to get a little bit of the boho look going on and your set. 

The Jort - key here is to dress it up a little so you aren't getting that white trash/i don't care at all effect.  I love jean shorts with a tee or tank and a blazer.  Wear it with heels or booties and tights in the fall for more of a put together look, (yes jorts can actually be involved in somewhat of a polished look)!  Another key element to pay attention to when finding your jort is the circumference in the thigh area.  Tight, short denim shorts never really looked good on anybody and just make your legs look like boudin trying to get out of the casing...can't believe I just said that.  


  1. dizzleeeeeeee dawg. But, what about jorts and a muscle tee? that works right?

  2. Ohhh Erin! This post reminded me of how, when you were little, you used to say that you were going to dress your future kids in all denim because you LOVED denim! You've come a long way! :) Proud of ya, girl!