Monday, June 21, 2010

A 180 in the right direction

Wow....sooo, I'm sorry I haven't posted in got kind of nuts...and then really stressful...and now amazing!

I am currently in NYC so now I should obviously get back to posting regularly since I have loads to inspire me just by looking out of my window.  Around 2 months ago, I realized the opportunity I had to take.  I was managing a store and the girls who work there with me were all getting out of school for the Summer and needed a little more work.  I ultimately want to do design and realized I could take 2 or 3 months, move to the city, and hit the ground running applying for design positions, and see what happened.  My sister had nothing to do either this Summer and so she hopped on the plane with me to have a fabulous Summer in the City.

Shortly after I made this big decision, I found out I had a second round interview with a company in Dallas!  Long story short, I just found out I got the job and will be starting in August!!  Therefore, my goal for the Summer is to have a wonderful time, stay inspired, sharp on my skillzz,  and relax, (which I've been doing exceptionally well).  I am so excited about starting a new life in Texas.  The company, the people I will be working with, and the opportunity it gives me to keep learning and growing as a designer is blowing my mind. God is good.

The collection I designed which I had to present at this interview was called Civilized Threads. The collection was inspired by the Tribal/Safari theme we've had this past year transitioning into a Military theme for Fall with underlying Nordic details and prints which are also huge for Fall. The impression the collection should leave you with is a sense of Empowerment which is also foreseen as a big Theme for Fall 2010.  Many of the Cultures that inspired me had only the raw materials to make
their bare essentials which is what "Threads" comes from.  However, my pieces are also structured, classic and good for the every day woman - "Civilized" if you will.  That's all I have for now - stay tuned - the illustrations of this collection will be posted on my website soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A well-cultured home

I love to see how different types of design are all linked together and can influence each other.  I was inspired by a certain feature in the March issue of Vogue.  I know this is outdated but I just had to show you the images and talk about this couple who custom designed their extraordinary house in London.

Christopher Sharp grew up in Africa and Suzanne in an exotic Mediterranean island.  They met in London and honeymooned in Inda.  Shortly after they were married they ended up in Saudi Arabia for a tv and commercial job for Christopher.  They bought tons of rugs in the open-air markets there having nothing else to do in the evenings and acquired a very extensive collection. They started to sell some of the pieces of their collection after moving back to London and developed quite a following.  They started to purchase them from the markets in Turkey as well. Their shop in London became well known, but they were still new to the area and wanted to get to know the interior designers in the city. They asked some of the big names to design a rug for them and sourced a workshop to produce the designs.  They now have a very successful rug store in London. You can see their impeccable taste shine through in their house.

They developed their taste from the colors, prints, people they had seen in their travels and all of the different cultural influences.  I love how they own a rug shop but every aspect of their house is unique, different, and one of a kind.  If you have greate taste in one thing or are creatively talented in a certain area, you can let it influence all aspects of your life.

Who would have thought to put a rug like that in a bathroom?! It works!

Organized  chaos, love it!

Not sure what I think about the pictures on the ground...
Notice the stack of logs in the corner, Genius!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Borderline Fashion

This weekend was amazing.  I am now obsessed with The Givers from Lafayette as well as Radio Radio from Montreal.  You should check them both out.

The Givers are about to blow up.  They are all from Lafayette High and moving up quickly in the music world.  Radio Radio is three white guys rapping in Chiac, (a dialect out of the Acadian French area of Quebec which combines French and English), while dancing in a somewhat synchronized motion.  SO MUCH FUN! I loved there style too.  one guy was wearing a navy tank with white straight leg jeans rolled up and navy sperrys.  He pulled it off while. Another one of the guys was wearing a pretty fitted short-sleeve button up with a vest and skinny jeans with toms-looking shoes and an amazing hat.  They all pulled it off well, needless to say.

I love getting inspiration from other countries.  It helps you pull off an original and different look in your city/town and helps you learn about a whole new culture you probably didn't even know about.  Here are a few pics I found that I found inspirational.  I feel bad using other people's pictures, but unfortunately Baton Rouge doesn't have this kind of mind blowing style galavanting down college drive.




Monday, April 19, 2010

Festival Fashion

Sooo, I'm soo excited about festival season coming up and I've been thinking and scheming about what I want to wear!  Whether lying out on the grass or sinking into the sand, these musical havens are usually outside.  whether or not its cliche', you know I'm going to want to be appropriately clad and decked out in hippie and/or retro attire.

A few of the items I am looking for to work with are distressed denim shorts, lightweight rompers and maxi dresses, high-waisted shorts, tanks with pizazz, body suits, kaftans, fun sandals, and bikinis!  I want to accessorize with head gear, lots of bracelets and rings.  Not that I can currently afford all of the following, such as the lovely pieces from the Spring 2010 Etro collection,  but here is some inspiration as well as some realistic/attainable pieces!

Drink plenty of water and bring a flag! Kicking off this weekend at Festival International!!

Ciao for now, 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My sister just finished interviewing me for her final paper in one of her mass com classes.  I was soo honored, but I don't know how interesting or helpful I was.  However, she helped me!

She had a few questions..."What are you inspired by most right now?" she asked, and also, "What trend are you most excited about revamping and making your own?"

I've never been good at interviews.  I usually start stumbling over my words and forget everything I wrote down and studied for hours before hand.  However, since its my sister, pressure was off and I had plenty of time to sit there and think/answer as she typed away.

I realized that the outfit I put on today was partly inspired by the
color palette of one of the collections that I inventoried yesterday - by Dolce Vita...LOVE!  Yes, it was just black and white, but the retro funky prints and era it echoed were involved in my blouse for today as well.  I included some pics of the line.

My ensemble also reminded me of the way a couple of my friends dress, which made me realize a whole other source of inspiration that I never really even think about.

I also merged 3 different decades - the 50's, 70's, 80's...well let's make that four because I believe I made it current through the combination of styles of different decades producing an updated silhouette of past looks and fads.

Where do you get your inspiration?  I would absolutely love feedback in this area.

As far as what I'm most excited about working on next for items which will be part of my collection...I'm really excited about experimenting with different styles of rompers and most of all shorts!  Shorts are becoming more and more acceptable in the work place.  People are dressing them up with design details such as pleats, cuffs, tabs, a higher waistline, or a combination of these.   Also, the leg circumference of the cut is getting looser and  therefore more forgiving!  I can't find the style I want anywhere so I definitely want that to be a main element for my line.  Now more than ever, that skin tight up your butt A&F/ Holister look that doesn't look good on anyone is definitely NOT a current style for the season...unless maybe your 15.  Please don't get me mistaken though...there are some great hot shorts out there for Spring which is a totally different story/style. They are made of fabrics that for the most part give and don't cut off your circulation at a most unflattering point on your thigh.  Giselle on the cover of Vogue this month is a great example!

Here are a few styles I adore.  One thing I was explaining to my sister is that the best of the best fashion designers still look to others for inspiration.  The key is that you have to look back to where or what that person was inspired by.  You have to find your own version of that source of influence and not just copy their idea. You can be enlightened in the oddest of ways.  One thing I'm really trying to work on is to be more detail-oriented and observant.  You have to have your eyes and ears open at all times or someone else is going to figure out what you should have before you do!  
Christian Siriano
Stella Mccartney                                                           Monarchy 
Carolina Herrera                                                  Carolina Herrera

Christian Dior

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Denim on Denim...over my dead body

What is this denim on denim trend?  I honestly can't think of anything more repulsive.  Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna, and even Balmain have had this awful look on the runway.  The disease has come full circle to mainstream fashion as well.  Have you seen Gap's ad yet...I believe their slogan is something like meant for each other or born to be together...hmmm No! that is definitely a love affair that needs to end badly.  Take a look at these matter how pretty the model is or how you style it, this fad crashed and burned...or hopefully will soon!

Some of the key pieces of this look that I hate the most are the all to perfectly "patched" denim jeans...who thought it was a good idea to make an effect which is supposed to look worn out and unfinished perfectly square and tidy...if you are trying to be different and outside of the box, just come up with a new idea...don't ruin someone else's.  I'm a fan of the patch in some circumstances but this was not well executed. 

I also hate the denim on denim that is the exact same or very close to the shade of its accompanying piece.  If you absolutely must try out this trend, seek out inspiration in the following images.  My friend, Elish mentioned that maybe they are just trying to communicate to the customer that denim is back.  Maybe...but they are laying on the idea of this particular way to wear it pretty thick if so.  If it were me, I would rather show the customer the correct way to rock their denim finds for Spring!

I actually like this look by Balmain.  It looks very fresh and unique, and you don't think denim on denim when you see it.  There is enough contrast in both color and texture.  

Here again, the level of contrast helps out this look.  She pulls off the trend in a subtle way.  Her ensemble doesn't scream denim on denim.  I love blue on blue and this pairing actually looks more like a blue button up with a pair of jeans. Although, I would have chosen a different pair of jeans, her concept works.  

My favorite Denim elements to work with!

The boyfriend jean.  I love it if you do the entire boyfriend look with an over sized button up and loafers of some sort.  Or, pair it with wedges and a sexy racer back tank.  Embellish with a necklace and wear your hair messy and wavy, 
The denim vest! I like how Sienna did it hear with a plain white tank and floral skirt.  Another great way to wear it is with a simple lightweight flowy summer dress and either boots or wedges.  add some bangles to get a little bit of the boho look going on and your set. 

The Jort - key here is to dress it up a little so you aren't getting that white trash/i don't care at all effect.  I love jean shorts with a tee or tank and a blazer.  Wear it with heels or booties and tights in the fall for more of a put together look, (yes jorts can actually be involved in somewhat of a polished look)!  Another key element to pay attention to when finding your jort is the circumference in the thigh area.  Tight, short denim shorts never really looked good on anybody and just make your legs look like boudin trying to get out of the casing...can't believe I just said that.