Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My sister just finished interviewing me for her final paper in one of her mass com classes.  I was soo honored, but I don't know how interesting or helpful I was.  However, she helped me!

She had a few questions..."What are you inspired by most right now?" she asked, and also, "What trend are you most excited about revamping and making your own?"

I've never been good at interviews.  I usually start stumbling over my words and forget everything I wrote down and studied for hours before hand.  However, since its my sister, pressure was off and I had plenty of time to sit there and think/answer as she typed away.

I realized that the outfit I put on today was partly inspired by the
color palette of one of the collections that I inventoried yesterday - by Dolce Vita...LOVE!  Yes, it was just black and white, but the retro funky prints and era it echoed were involved in my blouse for today as well.  I included some pics of the line.

My ensemble also reminded me of the way a couple of my friends dress, which made me realize a whole other source of inspiration that I never really even think about.

I also merged 3 different decades - the 50's, 70's, 80's...well let's make that four because I believe I made it current through the combination of styles of different decades producing an updated silhouette of past looks and fads.

Where do you get your inspiration?  I would absolutely love feedback in this area.

As far as what I'm most excited about working on next for items which will be part of my collection...I'm really excited about experimenting with different styles of rompers and most of all shorts!  Shorts are becoming more and more acceptable in the work place.  People are dressing them up with design details such as pleats, cuffs, tabs, a higher waistline, or a combination of these.   Also, the leg circumference of the cut is getting looser and  therefore more forgiving!  I can't find the style I want anywhere so I definitely want that to be a main element for my line.  Now more than ever, that skin tight up your butt A&F/ Holister look that doesn't look good on anyone is definitely NOT a current style for the season...unless maybe your 15.  Please don't get me mistaken though...there are some great hot shorts out there for Spring which is a totally different story/style. They are made of fabrics that for the most part give and don't cut off your circulation at a most unflattering point on your thigh.  Giselle on the cover of Vogue this month is a great example!

Here are a few styles I adore.  One thing I was explaining to my sister is that the best of the best fashion designers still look to others for inspiration.  The key is that you have to look back to where or what that person was inspired by.  You have to find your own version of that source of influence and not just copy their idea. You can be enlightened in the oddest of ways.  One thing I'm really trying to work on is to be more detail-oriented and observant.  You have to have your eyes and ears open at all times or someone else is going to figure out what you should have before you do!  
Christian Siriano
Stella Mccartney                                                           Monarchy 
Carolina Herrera                                                  Carolina Herrera

Christian Dior

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