Monday, June 21, 2010

A 180 in the right direction

Wow....sooo, I'm sorry I haven't posted in got kind of nuts...and then really stressful...and now amazing!

I am currently in NYC so now I should obviously get back to posting regularly since I have loads to inspire me just by looking out of my window.  Around 2 months ago, I realized the opportunity I had to take.  I was managing a store and the girls who work there with me were all getting out of school for the Summer and needed a little more work.  I ultimately want to do design and realized I could take 2 or 3 months, move to the city, and hit the ground running applying for design positions, and see what happened.  My sister had nothing to do either this Summer and so she hopped on the plane with me to have a fabulous Summer in the City.

Shortly after I made this big decision, I found out I had a second round interview with a company in Dallas!  Long story short, I just found out I got the job and will be starting in August!!  Therefore, my goal for the Summer is to have a wonderful time, stay inspired, sharp on my skillzz,  and relax, (which I've been doing exceptionally well).  I am so excited about starting a new life in Texas.  The company, the people I will be working with, and the opportunity it gives me to keep learning and growing as a designer is blowing my mind. God is good.

The collection I designed which I had to present at this interview was called Civilized Threads. The collection was inspired by the Tribal/Safari theme we've had this past year transitioning into a Military theme for Fall with underlying Nordic details and prints which are also huge for Fall. The impression the collection should leave you with is a sense of Empowerment which is also foreseen as a big Theme for Fall 2010.  Many of the Cultures that inspired me had only the raw materials to make
their bare essentials which is what "Threads" comes from.  However, my pieces are also structured, classic and good for the every day woman - "Civilized" if you will.  That's all I have for now - stay tuned - the illustrations of this collection will be posted on my website soon!

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  1. Congratulations on the position Erin!!! Have a wonderful time in N.Y.