Monday, February 28, 2011

Menswear Spring Wardrobe

It's fashion week season, but not for the season at hand of course.  I decided to review the Spring 11' runways and see what I could find as far as the color palette, silhouettes, trends. and point out some of my favorites! The average chap should keep in mind that most of these looks are not to be worn quite so literally...rather use this to influence your choice of color, added details to your current wardrobe, or how you style your digs. Enjoy!

A few of my favorite Details..
Color Palette, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Nehru Collar, Lacoste

Leather Jacket, Duckie Brown

Sneakers, Marc Jacobs

The color palette was right along with the rest of fashion at the moment with important colors being shades of grey, white, tinted neutrals, navy, (including lighter tones in the same family), shades of orange and coral, and of course chartreuse.

A few themes I noticed as far as styling and inspiration goes came from the 50's and early 60's.  Inspiration was also definitely drawn from the Brit Dandy's of the late 18th and early 10th centuries, (think ascots, over exaggerated detailing, slim pant styles, etc.).  A sophisticated or style/conscious rocker look was also a common theme on the catwalks.

Cropped and cuffed trousers were probably the most prevalent detail I saw across all labels.  Another look I noticed this season was very literally a buttoned up one.  With the whole 70's by way of 40's trend going on, there were no chest hairs to be seen.  The boys left it to the imagination on the runway this season...

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