Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BiShOp ArTs DiStRiCt DaLlAs

I came upon a wonderful "pocket of greatness" in the words of my friend Matt this weekend.  We decided we wanted to try Bolsa in Oak Cliff, (a great region of Dallas full of amazing restaurants).  Unfortunately/fortunately, there was an  11/2 wait.  The hostess said it would be worth it once we had their drinks and dishes and suggested we take a walk around and explore the area while we waited.  As we started our little venture down Davis street, there wasn't too much to see besides a couple of glass and auto shops as well as a random tatoo shop or two...so we thought.  I suggested that we at least walk to the next light and then we could give up.  As we approached the light and glanced to our right, we found the pocket of greatness!  As we turned the corner, the Bishop/Arts district came on full spring.  shops, restaurants, and galleries appeared out of nowhere...kind of reminded me of Brooklyn in that you have to know where to look, but the end result is always unique and way worth the search.  In lieu of the menswear theme going on this week on chit chat, I thought I would talk about the jewel called Epiphany I found in this area.  They have men's, women's, and home decor.  Here are a couple of shots I took in the menswear boutique.  My favorite is this amazing fedora with the snakeskin trim on the brim!   The boutique was small and limited in merchandise as most are, but everything they carried had personality and the merchandising/styling was very refreshing. We ended up stoping in on this little pizza place called Eno's for a glass or mayybe carafe of Vino, but decided to stay for their thin crust pizza as well.  The place was absolutely precious, and I will be back, but maybe not for dinner...their pizza wasn't my favorite...try Fireside Pies or Coal Vines if you visit Dallas, both are divine. Planning on returning to Bolsa this coming weekend, but will definitely get their a bit earlier this time and will now be prepared and happy to kill time :).

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