Monday, February 21, 2011

Well Balanced Design

I received my guilt group deals the other day and was drawn more to the deals for the men than the women.  These shoes by Helm are just perfect! The shoes are sharp and handsome in the same way that Billy Reid is classic, but updated and on trend. The following styles would pair very well with Billy Reid's collection. That shade of brown in the boot two pics down goes great with almost any color, khakis, camel, navy.  And I love the inspiration as told in the description on the website - "Sharper and sleeker with dark overlays and a classic seamless fit, it’s a classy version of a gangster python boot worn by Al Pacino in “Scarface.” As in this example of bring together a class act look with a gangster influence, opposites attract in design.  Another example is the whole rough-luxe trend which goes across all categories - home, apparel, and definitely in the styling of restaurants and hotels. When you get dressed in the morning for example, you always have to have that balance present whether it be in the silhouette, accessories, or color palette. If I have on a whimsy formal spring dress, I'm probably going to pair it with boots, dark or metallic accessories, or something to give it a bit of an edge. With menswear looks, I'll definitely have on a very feminine top, statement accessory, or go more pretty and lady-like with my hair and makeup styling. Mixing, matching, adding, and achieving the overall equilibrium of your own look is like the grand prize in creating your own eclectic style.

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