Monday, March 29, 2010

Pinch your Penny!

Oh lordy,

I am so ready to shop but gots no money. Therefore, I am in search of new ways to update my current wardrobe. I have just recently become a huge fan of jewelry and accessories. In the past I've always spent most of my money on clothing only and shrugged off the need for frill and trimmings. The problem there is, it doesn't leave many options or different ways to present the ensemble. Since jewelry this season is big, bold, and beautiful, it can be the outfit itself! Get a statement necklace, stack a bunch of rings, or go crazy with some ear bling paired with some cut offs you made from some old jeans you don't wear anymore and a solid silk top or even a white tee and you are good to go! Here are some great part is most are under $15 and all are under 50!

Another good way to accessorize is with a scarf, hat or both.  Yes!  you can still wear scarves in the Spring and Summer as long as the material is lightweight.  Scarves made of Silk, Viscose, or Cotton for instance are perfect for Spring  and really don't work unless you have a solid pallet such as the 
white tee to work with anyways.  Hats are great to help you avoid too much sun and instantly give your outfit a cool vibe and sends the message that you 
are hip, trendy, and might have a bad hair day haha jk.

Here are some great key pieces, (which you probably have something close too in your closet already) that you can work with over and over again to create new looks.  A simple Summer dress is a great staple to work with as well. Unique Vintage or Thrift finds are also great ways to make your outfit unique and one of a kind!

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