Saturday, March 20, 2010

Color My World

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Today, I would like to discuss the colors for spring as well as some of my favorite looks from the runway!  

I'm so excited about the colors for Spring because they have always been my fav!  As far as the big colors that stick out, the palette is gorgeous greens and blues ranging from sea foam green to navy.  Turquoise is back in a big way both in jewelry and clothing.  My favorite shade is probably azure and indigo blue...its hard for anybody to look bad in those two hues.  

In order to stay on the "up and up" but still make smart purchases that will carry on into other seasons, know the hot colors for the season and make a few purchases that you can both add to update your current wardrobe, and that are colors you will wear either way.  People don't want to make trendy purchases these days especially with the state of our economy constantly peeking over our shoulder at the price tag when we shop.  However, colors don't cycle out as quickly as trendy details or silhouettes of a certain season do.  

Other pops of color that you can incorporate into your wardrobe with a belt, bangle, scarf, or even lipstick are red, fuchia, tangerine, and sunshine yellow. "Neutrals" to work with as a base this spring are beige, blush, periwinkle, mint green, and light grey.  

I love pairing several soft, light colors together to complete a look such as light grey with mint green and blush.  I think it gives an airy, light look that also allows you to be the focal point rather than an outfit that is too busy. Here are some looks from the Spring2010 runway.  My favorite collections are Lanvin, Carolina Hererra, and Peter Som 

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