Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Icing on the Cake

Ok, today I want to talk about accessories for the Spring.  I'm trying to figure out what I need and it helps to write this business down.

Sooo, first on my list is a new pair of sunglasses since I stupidly lost them on St. Patty's day at Serranos :(.  The worst part is the empty Ray Ban case is still in my car haunting me every time I get in.  I really think that Ray Bans will be in style for quite a while.  The trend started a few years ago, but they look great on everyone and are so fun that I think they have a long life ahead of them.  I really want the exact same pair I had, maybe just a different color like Blue!

Another big come back this season are wedges and clogs! I loathed them for quite a while, but I recently found a place in my heart for them all over again. I'm very picky about cork and hemp wedges though...wooden are usually my fav!  They give you height and comfort at the same time and give a funky feel to your ensemble.

Jewelry: Big, bold, and glamorous.  Stack on the rings, wear big cuffs and colorful bright jewels.  In my opinion, gold over silver,  wear as many rings as you can, and either go big with jewelry or your outfit, not both.  I love layering multiple necklaces but then wearing subtle or no earrings.  Here are a few of my favorite picks.  Items from Rachel Zoe's new line for qvc are mixed in as well as pieces from Topshop. also has a great trend guide if you are ever in need and carries oodles of great designers.

 Bags: I'm seeing a lot of snakeskin, (which I'm not a fan of),  long chains, and bucket shaped bags.  Studs are still a big trend as well as fringe.  If you go with a studded bag...please don't pair with studded shoes and jacket as well. You don't want to over do any one trend, but rather make it yours by integrating your personal style in with a couple of fads of the season.  I'm going to be honest...most of my handbags come from thrift stores.

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