Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop so you don't drop!

According to a recent study in Taiwan, shopping can actually help older people live longer!  65 yrs old and above should shop at least once a week in order to "reduce their mortality risk" by %28(men), and %23(women)...I'm all of a sudden looking forward to the other side of the hill!

If I had endless funds and could speak French, I would shop the designers on this site.

This is a website Arbia Smiti, a friend of a friend in Paris created to feature some amazing talent. The fashion is AMAZING...each designer is very distinguished with his or her own look, and all set apart from one another - props to Arbia or whoever hand picked this crop of artists. What I love is they all not only get their vision/aesthetic across, but execute the line very tastefully. Every piece is very bold and makes a huge statement, but I would actually wear it!  I couldn't pick a favorite designer, but here is my favorite look of each brand. Check out this site and give yourself a break just browsing through the beauty...unless you speak French. In that case, read and get back to me on your findings!


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