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10 feet off of Beale

So I'm sure I probably should have done a post on the royal wedding, but I figured that plenty of people probably covered that story way better than I ever could when you can't beat the fashion editors, magazines, and everyone who has any access to the public eye in delivering an overview of the Royal family's attire...write about fashion in Memphis??.....

Sooo....this past weekend, my family and I minus the brother, Matt :( celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday in Memphis TN.  Memphis in May was going on which is a series of many events, but this past weekend was the music festival down Beale Street. I had never been to the city or the festival, but from what I hear, the lineup was the best its ever been.  I know the bands I was thrilled about seeing definitely exceeded expectations.  My top 3 favs were Cake, MGMT, and Mumford & Sons.

Cake, with there minimal, clean, smart sound and witty lyrics was a blast to finally see live.  Every time lead singer John McCrea striked the virbaslap, (yes I had to look up what the instrument was actually called), we all died laughing. He has a very unique voice and they've stood the test of time for quite a while now. 


I have a HUGE newfound even greater love and respect for MGMT.  I feel like what they are most known for, and what most of their hits are labeled as, is electronica type of music.  However, they have an amazing full band and some of their songs actually remind me of the Beatles, (their later stuff according to what my sister told me when I called out this observation).  What I loved about their show is that the songs didn't all run together.  They have so many different sounds and themes to their music - each song is different. I really can't put a particular label on their sound though. It's like psychedelic, alternative/indie/brit rock, electronica, eclectic great sounding music....and Andrew VanWyngarden is unbelievably DREAMY.

Mumford - no words. They were absolutely  phenomenal - so worth being in the hot muggy weather standing in the mud squished up to the girl in front of me who didn't smell too nice.  My friend Brenna Phares actually got to meet all of them as well as Jake Gyllenhaal who is hanging out with them while they are on tour. I like to call this next pic Brokeback....Jake is in the white tee....

Marucs Mumford was shopping for his girlfriend Carey Mulligan and actually bought her the dress Brenna had just tried on...guy's got taste!  Not to mention, he opens his mouth and heaven comes out without any effort at all.  Speaking of Heaven, they sing about a form of Jesus/God and/or "your maker" in almost every song.  It's quite refreshing to hear a mainstream band not shy away from such topics. They only have one album out so far so I'm looking forward to being a long time, dedicated follower of these chaps!


Now let's get to the fashion...or lack of.

Sooo let's not forget, this is Memphis, TN.

Historically it is extremely muddy at this festival every year.  This year didn't dissapoint, but thankfully we had at least one dry day on Friday.  However, the festival goers were definitely prepared.  So the majority was dressed in something to this tune...
boots, muscle shirts, and leis...why not?

It's really interesting to see the difference in the crowds based on the city your in.  Let's take ACL in Austin - still a music festival, similar genres of music, TOTALLY different crowd...trend forecasters from all of the world go to Austin to cover the trickling up effect of fashion they expect from the streetwear of the hipsters, hippies, and youth of festival attendees.  I found the crowd at Memphis in May to be really young, (highschoolers) and then an older crowd - middle age and up, but not as many college kids and 20 somethings.  Their were definitely some, but no where near as many as there are at the well known festivals.  Here are some of the needles in the haystack. 

My fav!  Screw the mud - I'm going to wear my leopard heels!

Really liked the concept more than the whole look - she pulled off the denim on denim look just by doing blue on blue, but what you can't see is her black denim bag as well....just liked her taking the idea and interpreting it differently....she also had some killer rings.

I wish I could have sat and talked to him for a while...he was a photographer walking around at the fest and def. was in tune and glad to be a part of the whole street shot fashion blogging his can tell he doesn't try, but just looks cool.

my super cook sister with her midriff shirt and suspenders, distressed boots that are actually for real distressed from her hiking in Seattle, and purple ray bans...hottieee

super cute couple - love that they pulled off and weren't too cool to both wear his band tee and her nordic/safari pattern tank.  The lady in the back obviously really wanted to be a part of this picture...I got a shot of her right after, but can't seem to find it...

Another precious couple.  I like what he's rockin more here....but I do like how they have two totally different styles - She has the whole nice/handbag, hunter boots, designer frock going on and he is totally hipster/modern dandy....It works!

Another great duo also  involving suspenders....

How cute is she? I would never put all of those items together, but I like the overall  relaxed/i didn't try thing she's got going on...although I'm pretty sure she was probably stoned while she put it together...maybe that's why it's giving off that vibe....

This kid from Chicago , (first thing he told me), was struttin in some pretty cool kicks and a great color story. 

Brenna who met Mumford - seer sucker shorts, tank, fannie pack and chacos - perfect festival attire - also comfortable, trend right, and cool - yes people fannie packs are cool now! 
It's in the details - his glasses had this cool gold trim on the sides and his pockets had a western cut with denim flaps - too cute. 

Bob and I 
Left: poser, Right: the real thing - proves a mohawk makes you hard core and that the wig just doesn't have the same effect...

Next stop, Hangout Festival!!

Till next time,

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  1. Tiffany SellersMay 5, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    Loved your post! It was a great read and nice to see what u found in Memphis. The photos were a must and loved that you obviously had to ask people to take their pictures :) thanks for the fun read -tiffany